31 Mar

Is your wedding day just a few months away and you are getting nervous by the hour? No matter how much time you have in your hand you can still plan a beautiful wedding. And while you are all worried about the wedding’s success, you just can’t stop thinking about your bridal look. So this is going to be the one day in your life that you’ve always fancied as a girl. Here are some helpful tips to pick up the perfect bridal jewelry that will compliment your bridal look.

Before you decide your jewelry or even your dress for that matter, you need to decide the style of your wedding.

If you prefer the classic European wedding style, your dress will be satin and lace. Your bridal jewelry in this case will be traditional pearls. Now if your wedding dress is strapless or off shoulder, choose a pearl choker with pearl studs for earrings or dainty drop earrings. If you choose to get fashionable with your earrings, choose a dainty necklace maybe a single pearl strand. Don’t go completely overboard with the jewelry; keep interesting focus points that will compliment your overall bridal look.

If you choose to celebrate your African heritage, you might want to choose jewelry that is more traditionally African. This gives you room to play with colors. A traditional white gown with colorful jewelry could be very chic. If you are looking for something in fine jewelry you could choose colored gemstones. Colors are a very important part of the African tradition. The traditional red, gold and green often used in African attire are traditionally known as liberation colors. RED stands for the blood shed by millions in captivity, GOLDEN yellow for the mineral wealth symbolizing prosperity, and GREEN representing the land or homeland, Africa. You could choose in yellow gold to symbolize the rich African culture.

You could also choose a modern wedding dress with diamond jewelry which is more happening these days.

By using these starting points you can mix and match different elements to make your dream wedding a success. You may have fancied yourself as a fairy tale bride, with white lace in silk and satin but you might also want to add the traditions of an African cultural heritage to your wedding. Remember this is your day create it to be a lovely memory for a lifetime for you and for the people who visited your wedding.